Here are a few:

  1. Leave it in the Garden until spring and then break it up
  2. Break it up and burn it straight away
  3. Chip it for garden mulch
  4. Leave it by the refuse bin hoping it will be collected

As an alternative, why not return your tree to us for recycling?

All our surplus waste wood is recycled into wood pellets for burning or is chipped and fed back to our chipboard supplier.  The wood pellets are mixed with other waste wood and wood chip from forest residue to make new usable wood chipboard.

We produce around 20 tonnes of sawdust and wood offcuts a week.   All this is recycled automatically as part of our coffin production and all of it is used locally in the winter to supply the fuel for our biomass heater in the factory and that of a number of businesses nearby.

During the summer months when the heat load is low, we supply the same wood chips for recycling back into usable chipboard.  We are lucky to have one of Europe’s biggest and most eco-friendly chipboard suppliers nearby.

Even this idea is recycled! Click on the link below…..

Video clip

J C Atkinson coffins are made using: –

Trees, Geordie know-how and Sunshine

Plastic contaminates the ground and causes many harmful climate changing emissions when burnt.

We will continue to reduce our plastic footprint by: –

  1. Encouraging the use of biodegradable wood handles instead of plastic.
  2. Stopping the use of Cremfilm; all our fitted coffins now contain a biodegradable ASAP sheet as standard.


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