The complaint levied to us was about the coffin selector, ( An app which guided coffin choices and made available online, not advertised ) when the ASA raised the issue , we realised it was a simple error and changed it immediately. Our reasoning was it did not represent the careful and informed tone that we represent and publish. Our recommendation of coffin type is based on the LCA results which are “end to end” and do scientifically and independently demonstrate that wood coffins used (complete with body) in a funeral scenario, when cremated, have a lower GWP impact than that of a lightweight coffin such as a cardboard, as the coffin acts as a secondary fuel.

If you view all our marketing information it demonstrates we don’t use “green wash” and we don’t use loose claims which could wrongly influence, obviously like any organisation with many staff occasional errors are made within and for that we obviously take responsibility for, the coffin selector was a new product and the error reported was a one off and corrected at the time it was brought to our attention, we view the response the ASA is disproportionate and appears to mix up two separate issues.


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