Personalised coffins


We offer a personalised design service for a Pathway, a Picture or a Glitter coffin that lets you create a one-off piece of art celebrating the life of your loved one.

Choose to have a complete bespoke design from scratch or be inspired by some of our own in-house designs on our website (Pathway or Picture coffin only). There are no limits other than your own imagination.

Picture coffins

Picture coffins are manufactured using bio-degradable materials, with images printed on to paper which is wrapped and bonded onto the coffin. You can choose from a range of designs or provide your own images. For families who want to capture a loved one's personality, passions and pastimes in a truly unique way.

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Glitter coffins

Our sensational glitter coffins offer one last chance to sparkle. The coffins are made from MDF covered with diamond glitter paper. With both a striking visual appearance and textural surface, our glitter coffins will dazzle and brighten any type of funeral. Available in nine stunning colours.

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Pathway coffins

The Pathway coffin offers something no other coffin or casket design does; the opportunity for friends and family to collaborate in its design across its separate side and end panels, and the lid. The Pathway® panels can be created from a range of materials such as soft tactile fabric or clean printed panels and finished with either a blackboard, whiteboard or picture lid allowing an even wider circle of friends and family to share memories and messages.

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