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Sporting Life

For many of us, sport can become a passionate corner-stone of our lives, manifesting itself in a life long dedication to a particular team.


Many of the requests that utilise our personalised service reflect this passion. The sports picture coffins that we have produced remain some of our most popular designs to date.

Through flags and motifs we can reference national teams, and in the event of wanting to include a specific club, our designers, wherever possible, can liaise to secure the permission to do so. We also provide an Ashes Casket or Scatter Tube to match any of our designs.

Please note. These designs are possible to achieve, however some brands, logos, company names and logos may be subject to copyright and only available for use with permission.

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Sporting Life

Anything you can imagine can be reproduced. Please press the design you like to see the coffin enlarged, or use the search box to see if the design you have in mind or something similar is available.

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