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Floral Tribute

Floral tributes have a long association with funeral arrangements and as such it is not surprising that picture coffins which utilise flowers in their designs have become a popular choice.


These floral designs offer a softer, more colourful alternative to a traditional wood coffin and can hold special significance. Poppies are well known for their link to remembrance, while daffodils can signify re-birth and renewal.


The designs below offer some examples of popular floral coffins, but we can create any design based around the flower of your choosing.We also provide an Ashes Casket or Scatter Tube to match any of our designs.

Please note. These designs are possible to achieve, however some brands, logos, company names and logos may be subject to copyright and only available for use with permission.

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Floral Tribute

Anything you can imagine can be reproduced. Please press the design you like to see the floral picture coffin enlarged, or use the search box to see if the design you have in mind or something similar is available.

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