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Oasis Coffins

Beautiful hand-crafted coffins and ash-urns. We offer a choice of Willow, Seagrass and Bamboo products, and all of the natural materials we are sourced in a sustainable way from sources we know.


We are committed to the 10 principles of fair trade, and are endorsed by Traidcraft, the UK’s leading fair trade organisation. We are regularly assessed and can demonstrate that our working conditions and environmental practices in the production of our coffins are to the highest standards.


Each coffin is thoroughly tested and woven by hand using Willow, Seagrass or Bamboo, onto a strong Bamboo frame.


Below you will find more detail about all Oasis Fair Trade choice’s. When you have seen a coffin that you like in this section press the where to buy button that is below the coffin selections.


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Fair Trade Choices

Below is a selection of the finest hand crafted traditional and oval shape coffins made with natural materials. Please press on the images to view enlarged detail and description :