With standard programmes

Many standard programmes have zoom controls that let you make content larger or smaller. Zooming in makes something bigger and zooming out makes it smaller.

A close up of

Zooming in on web pages

You can use your browser to change the size of text and images in web pages. In Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome, you'll find the zoom settings in the View menu. You can also use your mouse or keyboard.

The image above shows the homepage of at 'normal' zoom on the left, and zoomed in on the right.

In almost all browsers the following controls work:

  • Zoom in by pressing Control and +, or by holding down the Control key and scrolling your mouse wheel away from you.

  • Zoom out by pressing Control and -, or by holding down the Control key and scrolling your mouse wheel towards you.

  • Return to normal size by pressing Control and 0.

NB: Use cmd instead of Control on Apple computers.

Browser specific instructions

You can find more information on the websites of the browsers:

Zooming in on documents

You can zoom in and out of documents using many standard programmes. In Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat you'll find the zoom settings in the View menu.

Microsoft Word

As well as the zoom settings in the View menu, you can use your mouse to zoom in and out of Microsoft Word documents just like the browser instructions above. Word also has a zoom control in the bottom right:

Word zoom control.

If you use Microsoft Word you can find more accessibility information on the Microsoft website:

Adobe Acrobat

As well as using the zoom settings in the View menu, you can use the toolbar controls in Adobe Acrobat to zoom in and out of PDF documents.

Acrobat zoom.

Acrobat Reader accessibility information

Our coffin types

Help & Advice

We know planning a funeral can be a very difficult time. Here at J C Atkinson we would like to make these hard times that little bit easier. Within this website we will try to guide you every step of the way. Offering advice for both during and after a funeral. We have won awards for our care and commitment to the environment this indicates the passion we have in what we do to ensure you get the very best products.

Choosing a coffin

Today many people like to plan their funeral in advance. As part of these arrangements you can choose your coffin or casket. If you wish these details can be registered with us.

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Pre Need

We can help you decide on a coffin, this will help your family members at what can be a difficult and upsetting process. We will save your choice/s until they are required.

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After care

If you have had the funeral for a loved one who was cremated we have a beautiful range of ash caskets , urns and keepsakes in our Foreverurns range website.

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JC Atkinson is committed to environmental best practise we provide the highest quality, ethical products on the market . We have won many national awards.

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Everybody is different &

Everybody deserves the best

In life we all have individual tastes and styles so why should a coffin choice be any less individual? We believe that everyone should choose a coffin for themselves or a loved one that expresses that person’s individuality be it traditional or more alternative.

Our coffin ranges cover all types of coffin from traditionally styled wooden coffins to wonderfully expressional picture coffins to more sensitive and softer coffins such as our wool, wicker and bamboo coffins. Use the button below to know more about JC Atkinson and our coffins or scroll up to view our coffin types

  • JC Atkinson the Natural Choice

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